Next Generation Investment Technology

Differentiated, amplified and future-oriented investment intelligence mined from alternative data

Next Tech Frontier
  • Embracing machine learning to unlock the power of alternative data
  • Proprietary learning to discover hidden information
Differentiated and Quality Data
  • Getting access to a diverse data sets
  • Eliminating the noise to accurately detect emerging trends
Intelligent Analysis
  • Trustworthy & nuanced market views
  • Alpha generation models anticipating market behaviour

About Deeption

Deeption, EPFL – Social Media Lab Spin off, is developing next generation technology to revolutionize how investment decisions are made. We offer differentiated, amplified and future-oriented investment intelligence mined from alternative data. By extracting early signals from the vast amount of data, we empower investment professionals with unique investible insight and hence better returns. From hedge funds to asset managers, we help our clients enhance their investment models and derive an information edge from a variety of data sources.


Our team is driven by the mission of shaping the future of investment management. We are an international and multicultural team of creative and open-minded problem solvers.

Combining the best talents from physics, computer science, mathematics, social sciences and finance, we all together are striving for constant innovation.


Never stop questioning

Challenging the Status Quo

Standing for creation, challenge and quest & pushing boundaries

Cutting-edge Technology

Pioneering in web opinion analysis & engaging in innovative AI research projects

Team Focus

Learning and sharing with peers in a research environment

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